2013-14 Program Overview


Sept 18th (Week 1): A Light to the Nations



Sept 19 (Week 1): A Light to the Nations
Sept 26 (Week 2): The Choice of Two Paths
Oct 3 (Week 3): The Mystery of the Home
Oct 10 (Week 4): A Holy Home
Oct 17 (Week 5): Seven Simple Steps to Christ
Oct 24 (Week 6): Step One: Honor your Wedding Vows
Oct 31 (Week 7): Honor your Spouse
Nov 7 (Week 8): An Encounter with the Father
Nov 14 (Week 9): The Return to Paradise
Nov 21:  Off for Thanksgiving Break
Nov 28 (Week 10) : Step Two: Eat Dinner Together
Dec 5 (Week 11): The Providential Father
Dec 12 (Week 12): Step Three: Give God some of Your Time
Dec 19 (Week 13): Jesus Christ: Time and Eternity

Objectives: Identify the home as the dwelling place of God. Develop a vision of the Christian home by considering the Holy Family. Identify the seven simple steps for encountering God in the home. Relate these seven steps to the Seven Covenants of TMY. Consider the first three steps for the transform the home.


Jan 9 (Week 14): Choosing Joy over Comfort
Jan 16 (Week 15): Step Four: Set your Mind on the Things Above
Jan 23 (Week 16): The Beauty of the Creator
Jan 30 (Week 17): The Word of God
Feb 6 (Week 18): Step Five: Find God in Yourself
Feb 13 (Week 19): Discerning the Will of God
Feb 20 (Week 20): Step Six: Find God in Others
Feb 27 (Off for CEW Preparations)
Mar 6 (Week 21): Behold the Man
Mar 13 (Week 22): Woman: The Masterpiece of Creation
Mar 20 (Week 23): Step Seven: Make it Easy to be Good and Hard to be Bad
Mar 27 (Off for Holy Week)
Apr 3 (Week 24): Superabundant Mercy in the Home
Apr 10 (Week 25): “Come away with Me.”
Apr 17 (Week 26): A Light to the Nations

Objectives: Consider the final four steps for the transformation of the home. dentify the home as the foundation for all the issues facing modern society and the basis for the New Evangelization. Identify a means for evaluating the pathway to transformation. Provide men the tools for embracing their life of leadership.


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