Frequently Asked Questions

What is That Man is You (TMIY)?

TMIY is designed to provide a spiritual roadmap to assist men in fulfilling their potential as husbands and fathers.  TMIY combines the teachings of the Church and wisdom of the saints with the best research from modern science in an interactive, multimedia format. The weekly meetings are designed to provide men with the opportunity to receive and apply relevant information to issues facing men today. The essential elements of the weekly program include: Gathering over a Fellowship Breakfast, Master of Ceremonies Introduction, Video Presentation and Small Group Discussion. TMIY seeks to form men who are fully alive by harmonizing what has typically been referred to as the Three Wisdoms of the Catholic Church:

  • Knowledge (secular knowledge including medical and social science);
  • Understanding (theology including Scripture, the Magisterium and Tradition); and
  • Wisdom (contemplative or mystical knowledge found primarily in the writings of the saints and the creation of a dynamic spiritual life).

What is the program like?

The goal of this year of TMIY is the transformation of marriage and family life. It begins by developing the vision of the home as ecclesia domestic-the domestic church. Through an examination of the Holy Family, the program helps men to grasp God’s abiding presence within the home. It then identifies “seven simple steps” for finding union with God in the home:

  • Honor your wedding vows.
  • Eat dinner together.
  • Give God some of your time.
  • Set your mind on the things above.
  • Find God in other people.
  • Find God in yourself.
  • Make it easy to be good and hard to be bad.

Having identified the pathway to the transformation of marriage and family life, the program develops specific initiatives to aid men in their spiritual journey. Indeed, it provides a framework for men to evaluate their spiritual lives and chart a course leading to profound sanctity and union with God.

What if I am interested but do have enough time?

Today’s society puts a lot of pressure on men.  Modern men struggle with a host of issues including balancing the demands of work and family, finances and chastity. The program’s forthright approach to these issues has been credited with helping numerous men address some of the greatest threats to modern families.  The program is designed to help men understand that their first role and their greatest joy relate to the family. The presentations on the original vision of man, woman and their union is literally created with “opening panoramas” for men that allow them to see their wives, marriages and family in a new light. Grateful wives are one of the most obvious fruits of the program.

While TMIY is a modest time commitment (approximately 90 minutes per week), many men and their families say this investment pays off in the form of happier men and stronger marriages and families.  We encourage you to come to one or two sessions to see what TMIY is and whether it helps you, your marriage and your family.

What happens if I can not make every meeting?

No worries.  Many TMIY participants are not able to make every meeting due to work schedule or family commitments.  If you are unable to make a meeting, videos are available to watch online at your convenience.

Is TMIY for me if I am not a super-religious person?

Participants at TMIY are at all stages of their faith journeys.  Chances are that someone else has experienced or is experiencing the same things you are.  TMIY provides an open, confidential and non-judgmental forum in which men can share family, work and faith challenges that are unique to men.  TMIY allows you to tap into the insight of other men as well as contribute your insights and share your experiences with other men.


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