About TMIY

Becoming A Man After God’s Own Heart!

That Man is You! is transforming men, families and society as it presents the vision of man fully alive! Combining the teachings of the Church and wisdom of the saints with the best research from modern science in an interactive, multimedia format, That Man is You! puts this vision within the grasp of every man. The weekly meetings are designed to provide men with the opportunity to receive and apply relevant information to issues facing men today. The essential elements of the weekly program include: Gathering over a Fellowship Breakfast, Master of Ceremonies, Presentation, Small Group Discussion. That Man is You! seeks to form men who are fully alive by harmonizing what has typically been referred to as the Three Wisdoms of the Catholic Church:

  • knowledge (secular knowledge including medical and social science);
  • understanding (theology including Scripture, the Magisterium and Tradition); and
  • wisdom (contemplative or mystical knowledge found primarily in the writings of the saints and the creation of a dynamic spiritual life).

About Paradisus Dei 

Founded by Steve Bollman in 2002, Paradisus Dei (Latin for the Paradise of God) is an organization of lay Catholics dedicated to discovering the superabundant joy of God within marriage and family life. By integrating the best in Catholic theology with the finest research from modern science, Paradisus Dei develops the vision of a family fully alive. It makes this vision accessible to men and women through programs and materials offered through parishes in the United States and Canada.


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