The Beauty of the Creator

Dear Brothers in Christ:

For our January 23 session, we will continue our discussion of Step #4:  Set your mind on the things above.  This week, we will talk about ways to encounter the creator through the beauty of creation and art.

Candidly, I am more of a “left-brained” analytical type that was never good at art and never had a solid appreciation of it.  However, as I have gotten older and redisovered by faith, I have begun to have a deeper appreciation of art (although I still not good at it:-).  I now realize that art allows God to touch the human soul in a way that no other medium can.

We are very fortunate at HMC to have an exceptionally talented artist in our midst in the person of Fr. Gary.  I have been awestruck with the several paintings of his that I have seen.  Further, I had the good fortune of seeing the Sistine Chapel during a trip to the Vatican in November 2011.  That was a marvelous experience and I was able to take some pictures that are posted here.  Better pictures are available here.  My iPhone and the web do not do it justice and I would recommend anyone who has the chance to visit it in person.



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