The Purpose of Prayer

One of my favorite prayer sites is Living Space, a site that is run by the Irish Jesuits that has outstanding commentary on the daily scripture readings.  Today’s gospel is from Luke 6:12-19 and discusses Jesus calling the first 12 apostles.  However, prior to this action, the gospel says that Jesus prayed and Living Space has outstanding commentary of why Jesus did that and what is the purpose of prayer.

“Jesus, we are told, went up into the mountains to pray and spent the whole night there in prayer to God. Some might wonder what Jesus would have to pray about. Such a question may reveal a limited concept of what prayer is. It is not just a question of asking for things. It is even less a question of fulfilling a religious duty, “saying our prayers”.

Prayer is ultimately making contact with God, the beginning and end of all things. It makes a lot of sense that Jesus would have wanted to be in intimate contact with his Father and to have spent long periods with him. One of Jesus’ main concerns was that he do the will of his Father. Prayer was one way of making sure that there was completely harmony with that will.

Luke’s gospel shows Jesus at prayer more than any of the others. He also shows Jesus praying before all the important stages in his public life. As soon as this period of prayer was over, he called together his disciples and from them he chose twelve as apostles.”

You can find the complete commentary, which also discusses the call to discipleship, on Tuesday’s gospel here.

Hope you have a blessed week.


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